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DDoS Protection on ( Dedicated Server KIMSUFI )

26/07/2016, 09h59
Added to that :
KS is a "learn and test" server. No options what so ever are possible.
So, yes, it might be a good idea to keep a low profile - or more specific : do not publish your IP

The only real anti-doss that you have at your disposal is : change your server (no : change IP isn't an option).
Or : use a server that can have more IP's, or better doss protection like SYS or even OVH servers.

26/07/2016, 02h57

not possible on Kimsufi, only OVH server.

Cordially, janus57

26/07/2016, 00h14
Hi I have here a FreeBSD Dedicated Server.
I wanted to ask whether there is a possibility to have a Permat DDoS Protection.
The server is very fast down, ask for all.

Bin accustomed very well protected at OVH to be!