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Slow FTP Speeds

06/09/2016, 09h40
You should contact you service provider, I think they can help in this, or you should also study on google for this issue.

30/08/2016, 10h36
I had a server before rack 1 GRA - I was lucky enough to get a server in the same rack again yesterday but my FTP speeds are now down - the server goes down to 3.5MB/sec from full speed no matter what protocol or FTP program I use - I've changed ports plenty. (Ubuntu 14.04)

With a VPN I get the same - my speeds to GRA are full for my line. I usually get (and did get from my old server) 8.8MB/sec max

Does anyone have any ideas please? I'm on day 2 and disappointed.

It drops to this after about 15%