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Hard disk failure. Can we recover data?

19/09/2016, 16h59

A soon as your disk has been changed, re-open another ticket (In the Manager) and ask for a price (an order) for having you the disk been send over TO YOU.
As soon as you paid, you will receive the disk.

After that, its up to you what you want to do with it.
You could try tou salvage your data, or use a specialized company to do so....

19/09/2016, 14h03
Weve had a hard disk failure, and unfortunately the last backup we made was from many weeks ago.
We would like to try and recover the harddisk to see if we can get a more recent one.
Isnt Kimsufi partnered with anyone that can do this? Should we just ask them to send it to someone we find?
Thank you.

This is the diagnostic we got:

Hardware diagnosis
Date 2016-09-18 23:36:31, matthieu L made Hardware diagnosis:
Hard drive is defective

Rebooting server on rescue
No disk detected
Change sata cable
No disk detected
Change power connector
No disk detected


Rebooting server on rescue to reinstall
Restarting OS reinstall and following

Results :
OS installed, codes sent
Server on login with ping and services started

Your Hard disk must be send to you if you want, call the customer service if necessary.