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Order ID 57711134 - We Check Your Payment Manually

27/09/2016, 16h00
Hi, I don't know whether the staff at Kimsufi check the forums anymore but they still list the forum as the only place for support on the order email and say that they are here between 09:00 & 20:00 Monday to Friday.

I placed an order on Saturday 24/09/16 and paid for it. I understand that they likely don't work weekends but its now late afternoon on Tuesday and my order still says 'We check your payment manually). I have tried to open a ticket with no reply, and I notice now that the server I ordered shows no availability on the order page. I don't know if this is due to it being reserved for me since placing the order or if somebody else has purchased as well and took the one I was trying to purchase.

I just need to know if I am likely to receive any information (or preferably my server) any time soon. I have also checked (spam included) but I have not received any ID requests although that may be due to being an existing OVH customer.

My order ID is 57711134