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Please stop restarting my sever

16/10/2016, 04h37

you just have to "turn off" the monitoring in the KS manager.

Cordially, janus57

16/10/2016, 00h23
Hi All

For the third time since joining yesterday you have restarted my server because the pinging had stopped to it, this is not because the server was down but because I was securing my server.

How can I stop you rebooting the server ? I connected up a VPN today and the pings stopped as you would expect but again you rebooted the server.

I even emailed you to ask you not to reboot the server but you still did it anyway, this is very frustrating when trying to get a new server setup.

Could you please confirm you will not reboot my server simply because the pings stop on it ? This is not the best way to work out if the server is up or not