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VPS server not responding after reboot

09/12/2016, 22h47

KS are not VPS, it's dedicated and it's dedicated for learning purpose.

Why ?
Simple : KS server have NO SLA and Support 5/7day and 9am/8pm (9H-18H).

So, if for the monitoring all is good, nobody will check your server, you are the only administrator that can check your server in rescue to analyze and see what happend.

If you have customer i suggest you to get a real VPS or a better dedicated (not a Kimsufi).

And yes KS have only mail support, no phone (if you want phone support go check SoYouStart).

Cordially, janus57

09/12/2016, 13h32
Hello I believe that my VPS webserver stopped working last night after a reboot.

I thought of rebooting since it was very very slow, I did it as root by using the shutdown -r command.
the server went back up after few minutes and all the websites together with the shell access seemed to be ok.

the issue started this morning ( I believe ) when I wanted to access one of my websites and I couldn't reach it ( or any of the others hosted on that server ). Also trying to connect via ssh justh hangs and doesn't work, although I don't get any error message.

I've tried to log in on my kimsufi manager and the server is not apparently listed there ( it's not expired ! ).
I also raised a ticket some hours ago and still did not have a reply but I can't be down for so long since my customers will kill me.

does any of you have any suggestion or knows a way to reach kimsufi via phone ?
any ideas ?