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Boot rescue32-2.6-ftp HELP!

03/01/2017, 18h58
i have servers in OVH for more than 8 years, and this a small proyect.

KS say the hack is FROM my server.

Btw, i have response from the KS side, and format the server, and happen again.

Zero support, is true.

15/12/2016, 20h54
"Boot rescue32-2.6-ftp" means your server is in "ftp READ mode" only ?
If that is the case, you should be able to copy all your files - this includes de 'raw' database files.
You can do nothing more.
After confirming that you copied everything yur server will be wiped, and the OS will be reinstalled.
This mode is a some kind of last resort. Next time you will loose your server.
You will not be able to netboot your server (they do not want to have an hacked OS online again.) - I never (last 10 years or so) saw an exception to that rule.

Btw : I'm a user like you. I never had to deal with this ftp rescue mode. My server was never hacked (as far as I can tell )

Why opening tickets ? What is your question ? Did you receive a mail from "KS" with the FTP login instructions ?
They will NOT and never help you with copying your files. That's private inflammation (your information !) and if you decided to install and use a Database, then you should know how to handle that Database, even when it comes down to "copying and reusing the raw data base files".
KS support exists when your stuff is broken mechanically.
Software issues are not their problem.

Remember : KS is zero support (so they could cut down the price).

13/12/2016, 12h20
I Need a db from mysql, i need get back the server online, please, letme how i can change this netboot option without loose the db?

The netboot option is not available in that rescue mode, the screen appears in loding and never change that status, please help me.

I put 5 tickets on the support option yesterday and i dont have any response of this.

Please help