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KS2-A don't boot w/ non ovh kernel

26/12/2016, 20h30

All OVH kernels are here : ftp://ftp.ovh.net/made-in-ovh/bzImage/
More important : all the config files are also there !!

Note : OVH compiles their kernels without 'modules', everything is compiled in.

I never used a OVH made kernel, I take the sources from here : kernel.org, use one of my last config files, importit and and config the new kernel and lauch a make && make install.
Works great for years now.

I never used the "Debian" kernel although I'm using Debian 8.x.

26/12/2016, 17h59
Hi everyone,

I ordered a KS2-A 2 weeks ago. Debian install from Kimsufi panel works fine, as long as I choose ovh kernel
But if I check "Use your distribution kernel", the server never boots (no ping, no ssh).

I tried different other installation methods (vKvm or debootstrap from rescue mode), but it is always the same issue.
Does anyone has an hint of what's happening ? Do I need to activate some special modules to make it works