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Order being processed since 2 days

16/01/2017, 12h45
I had to wait 7 days for set up web was saying 120s set up time

16/01/2017, 09h59
5 Days here.. I dont get this... And of course no answer from the Support...

Iam not willed to Pay 20$ for the Set up IF i have to wait more than 2 Days! I want my set up costs back and this server!

15/01/2017, 21h46
Same issue here, order being processed since 2 or 3 days and i don't have any news about my ks (number 62874218)

15/01/2017, 21h04
My order's been stuck on We check your payment manually since 2 days.
Can anyone please tell me what the issue is?

Order Number: 62884530