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I show you how scam of kimsufy dealing and respond to customers

17/01/2017, 15h25
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17/01/2017, 14h46
scamers I need my money back

16/01/2017, 12h43
Right ordered 3 servers by accident because every time when i had to order and pay for server website use to redirect me to french language site so every time I pay for it use to come up in red some words in french languages god knows I thought payment unsuccessful then when I had a look kimsufi control panel dashboard was showing 3 servers waiting for payment to be authorize so I asked to cancel two of the payments guess what happened support team couldn't give fuck about it and charged for 3 servers. SO NOW KIMSUFI ADMINISTRATION I'M ASKING YOU TO GIVE MY MONEY BACK FOR TWO SERVERS.

cancel payment
Me - 09/01/2017 13:37

hi can you cancel payment for this server The order 62753750 is being processed.
Me - 09/01/2017 13:42

ordered two by accident
Me - 09/01/2017 13:43

sorry not by accident because your web is french language
Support - 13/01/2017 17:32

Good Evening Mr Martinaitis,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to your e-mail.

I have 3 orders in progress, do you want me to cancel 2 of them? Checks are in
progress on all your orders.

I remain at your disposal for further information.
Best Regards,

Francois C.
IT Technician support – Kimsufi

Support is available 24/7
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Me - 13/01/2017 17:38

hi yes cancel two of them and keep 1 of them this one KS-3B Core™ i5-750 3740 4c / 4t 2.67 GHz+ 16 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps /128
€ 19.99 ex. VAT