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Looking to move dedicated servers

23/01/2017, 12h13

The "trail" period is one month. And will continue as you pay every month.
But, the trail issue isn't important for you.
Neither the price : they are not hidden. => The issue will be more something like "can you get one" (because, no, the "120" actually never applies when you finally have one - and most of the time servers are sold out anyway).

Btw : understand that KS servers are server for those who know all about servers, and just need the bare hardware - no other services are included neither possible. Or : the other way around : for those how don't know anything but like to learn.
When you need a server for "production" I advise you NOT to chose for a KS server. A SYS might be better.

As you already understood, the monthly "rent" for your server isn't nothing compared to the price you will pay for a server administrator ....
(and that's why people take a KS : to learn how to auto host their own services).

23/01/2017, 11h38
I have an adult paysite and I'd like to move into kimsufi servers because of cheap servers, at the start just 500 gb storage would be enough, we don't have much members and there is not much users using to download or watch our videos on our hosting. So the cheapest solution would be best.
But I have a problem:
I have no knowledge of using creating an own dedicated server and also manage it.
How can I do that if I buy dedicated from you?

and how much the price of server for 1 month for cheapest solution?
Is there a trial period?