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09/02/2017, 11h25
Good question.

FreeBSD : https://www.kimsufi.com/us/en/about-...#distributions => yes.

The real question is : are YOU able to install FreeBSD .... 9.3 which is a very old - non supported - version.
Only experts should use OLD versions (note : and they never do).

The current version is 11 : https://www.freebsd.org/

Final reply : Yes, is will work IF the old sofware supports the newer hardware ....

09/02/2017, 09h28
Hi everyone

I wanted to ask you if you buy a server from 21.99 + VAT: https://www.kimsufi.com/it/server.xml it is possible (The First) to install FreeBSD 9.3 and other versions
Thank you