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Hosting a subdomain on a Kimsufi Dedicated?

17/02/2017, 16h18
Any more experienced user around who can enlighten me about this?

13/02/2017, 21h47
Dear all,

I am trying to host a sub-domain of my domain-name on the apache server of my Kimsufi dedicated server.
This domain name, '' is registered with GoDaddy and forwarded to Enjin through nameserver records.
At Enjin I made NS records for subdomain 'tools'.

Now I know the base of this works because I first forwarded the 'tools' subdomain to another test host previously and that worked fine.
However doing it on a dedicated like this is another challenge...
Currently I am unable to figure out how to properly set this up with DNS Zone records in Bind9, etc.
I get the basics of the process but I can't seem to get the right configurations.

Anyone here that has some more experience with this sort of thing and can help me set it up?
I have already registered '' into the Kimsufi Control panel. Access to the OVH control panel seems to be a 'nope' for me right now. According to an email I got after the server was delivered they made a NicHandle on for me however I cannot seem to use that to log into anything....

I hope someone is willing to help me with figuring this out!