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"We check your payment manually" [Order 64311456]

15/02/2017, 21h10
First, I would like to tell you that the European staff doesn't check the forums anymore, hasn't for a long while.
The delivery of a server varies from 1 day to about a week.

First thing to do is check if they sent you an email requesting you to verify your identity (check your spam folder, too).
If they haven't, still keep an eye on it because they might still ask you.

As soon as they start the verification process of your server you will receive an email about it, too.
Hope this helps you along a bit.

I also always suggest opening a ticket from the control panel, it reminds them about checking your server as soon as they read it... But that is my personal thoughts, because it worked for me.

15/02/2017, 15h17

I bought a server yesterday afternoon, whenever I go to check on the status of it it just says "We check your payment manually"

When can I expect to get my server? I was hoping it would be up by now

My order #64311456