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OVH got hacked???

22/02/2017, 14h24
Thanks for the update!

Update: See

21/02/2017, 18h48

the forum was haked in the past, you can still see the topic in the french section (Cf :!!!), and after that OVH forced the user of the forum to change the password of all member.

P.S. recently (about 4-6 months) the database of the hack was release on the internet.

Cordially, janus57

21/02/2017, 17h41
Hi everybody,

I am noticing SPAM since yesterday on my Kimsufi forum email and on my SoYouStart forum email. Since I use them exclusive, the breach could only have happened at OVH. Anyone has more news about OVH forums getting hacked?

Further, I needed to update my password here in this forum. Is this related?