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06/03/2017, 00h40

Well ... please understand that it is weekend in France right now, and payment are checked manually ...
KS propses a solution in the Manager : automatic payment, that could help you from forgetting to pay, an having your server stopped and all that.

Btw : your question has nothing to do with the initial subject.

04/03/2017, 10h40
I'd like to ask how long does it take to process a payment. I have prolonged my dedicated server, over an hour ago, but it is still inactive and my odrer is 'still in progress'.

02/03/2017, 07h24

none of this demand are possible i think.

But you should contact the support to be 100% sure.

Cordially, janus57

Patricia Curtis
01/03/2017, 11h21
Hi Guys i have paid for 6 months on my current service,

but i am looking at changing to a soyoustart / ovh server or a kimsufi upgrade so i wonder would i get a refund on my current server? also would i get discount getting another server as well as i think i may need 2 or three?